Jax | baby photography Perth

Meet the gorgeous Jax, in studio recently for his baby photography session, with the cutest expressions and the squishiest lips.  A couple of the shots below were just between takes, but I just love his […]

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Gracie | baby photography perth

Meet Gracie, full of cheekiness and on the GO during her recent baby photography shoot.  Gracie has learned to stand, and to walk along table tops, and to roll, oh yes, she can roll over […]

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Baby Photography Fremantle |

She’s just too cute for words, another with those stunning eyes, and her slight hesitance with me only made her more adorable!  Love a discerning kid.

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Morrison | baby photographer fremantle

Wow, take a look at Morrison (is that the coolest name you’ve ever heard??).  Mum wanted sleepy baby shots, and I was all for that.  I mean, awake newborns are difficult, jerky, startling and unable […]

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Perfection | newborn baby photography Fremantle

Could he be any more perfect, at just 22 days new, the lovely Jayden came to our Fremantle studio last week for his newborn photography shoot.

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Tiny baby hands and feet | newborn baby photographer Perth

Sigh, tiny baby hands and feet, there is nothing quite so sweet.  I wish they stayed this way a little longer.  I loved the feeling of my little guy’s hand in mine, feeling it get […]

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Walk a mile in their shoes

Today, on my social media stream, a friend commented that she’d seen a young mother pushing a pram on the way to work today.  Thinking what a lovely way that was to start the day, she smiled […]

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Why I Love My iPhone Camera

People are often shocked when they see me running around taking pictures with my iphone camera.  At school assemblies, there are at least a dozen Mums with their huge zoom lenses, and there’s me, snapping […]

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Dress Envy | Fremantle Family Photography

Why is it only little girls get to wear the cutest dresses?  I love this dress, the colour, the fabric, the patches of sparkle.  Mind, it would never look as good on me 😉  

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Once a Docker’s Fan….. | Fremantle baby photography and baby prints

Well, it’s fairly obvious that Darcy’s dad is a Fremantle Dockers fan.  Mum came armed with two different sized footballs, and a scarf, and the mission was to capture an image of him to go […]

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