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Posted on 16, 09, 14
Posted in Children


Scarlett attended our studio recently for a session that her lovely grandmother booked for her.  She’s just the perfect age for our mini session…a half hour was about the limit of her concentration, but it was an energetic and fun half hour.  We’re very envious of her gorgeous ‘leather’ jacket and tutu!

child photography perth



Posted on 15, 09, 14
Posted in Babies

It’s been so lovely working with the mum of these two gorgeous girls, since many moons ago she cared for my son in her job at the local Day Care Centre.  Such a lovely family you have Kate, and your beautiful girls are a credit to you.

baby and child portrait perth

baby and child portrait perth 2

Posted on 15, 09, 14
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Don’t miss out on our annual Christmas Mini Sessions. These are a great way to capture your growing family at a time when you may not be ready for a full portrait session. What nicer gift to give loved ones this Christmas than a custom family portrait?

The cut off date for getting images edited and back to you in time for Christmas is November 14th, so we need to get you booked in asap!  Mini sessions are are of 30 minutes duration and include 10 hi res digital files on custom USB, in both black and white/colour (2 copies of each image)

$550 includes 30 minute session and 10 hi res images

50% discount on a la carte product purchases if required

These prove enormously popular so don’t miss out!

Complete the form below to book


Christmas photography mini sessions


The fine print:

  • Mini sessions are not ideal for newborns. While bub is welcome to attend with the family, if you hope to achieve newborn images please book a full portrait session so we can devote the time necessary.
  • Clothing changes are not permitted due to time restrictions.
  • Limited to immediate family members. Extended family must book an additional session but these can be held on the same morning.
  • Online gallery available one week from the session for three days for your purchases.
  • Product discount not applicable to already discounted items

Posted on 24, 07, 14

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Posted on 26, 06, 14
Posted in Personal

Something a little different from me tonight, as this is something very close to my heart, and this article really touches on a point that I value.  Bernard Salt talks about the different incarnations of his family album over the years, and compares it to the present day, where we seem to have developed an obsession with ‘capturing’ our lives, sharing them even, through insta and facebook.  But nothing that preserves these memories and makes them tangible, and recorded in a real way for our children.

Of course, as a photographer, it’s easy to pass off my obsession with prints and albums as a desire to sell albums to my clients.  I hear it all the time, and I see clients shuffle uncomfortably as I try to lead them towards prints and albums, rather than digital files for their purchase.  At social gatherings with my friends I am asked repeatedly, ‘do you sell the files, why do you still sell albums, who would bother to buy one when you can easily just print your own images?’.  All fair points I guess.

So, I want to share something personal.  Like Bernard, I grew up with a mother snapping images in my face and compiling them dutifully into albums.  Not fancy ones, not expensive ones.  Just those plastic sleeves you slip a photo into.  My sixth birthday party, my first day of school, my first fancy dress costume….all documented, all preserved.  She valued this enough to also book photographers to photograph our family in the early 70′s, when we were still a family.  Before mum and dad divorced, and those photos were placed into a drawer as if they no longer had meaning or significance.

In 2009, the day after her 60th birthday party, my mother died suddenly from a brain aneurysm.  The grief and shock that wracked our family was unfathomable, as was the devastation that persisted for the next couple of years.

In 2011, my stepfather handed me a box of photos.  I happened to have my nieces over for a sleepover and although I dreaded the pain of it, they and my son wanted to look at the photos.  I put on a brave face, and agreed.   Unexpectedly, the next two hours were the most uplifting of the past two years.  Year after year of my life with my sister was revealed, painstakingly arranged into albums and preserved.  The kids laughed at our clothes, at the hair styles, at my girl guide uniform.   And then I discovered the ‘my wedding’ album.  An inexpensive white vinyl album, tucked away at the bottom, arranged with care by a scared pregnant 19 year old girl.  The photos were taken by a Dutch photographer in Fremantle at the time.  Mostly black and white, they were breathtaking.  There were my aunts and uncles, my older cousins, all celebrating what was once a happy union.  Far from being meaningless, the photos were beautiful!  We laughed so much to see our older family members in 1968, telegrams all embedded into it, messages of love, support, caring, and photos… many photos, that it gave me a sense of family and connectedness that I had missed for over 30 years.  This was the reality of who we were, why we were there, where we came from.  It was incredibly touching.

And even more touching was the knowledge, much too late, that Mum had in fact valued that also, enough to create these lasting keepsakes for us.  Images I had thought lay dormant in a drawer were in fact painstakingly preserved and arranged for posterity.  Her marriage may not have lasted, but her connections to it were forever, and her love of us all was so evident in every page she put together.

Not every family is perfect.  Not every family has a perfect story, but every family DOES have a story.  And ultimately, it needs to be told, and shared, and passed on so that the younger generations have a sense of where they belong.

THIS is why I do what I do.  This is what I love about capturing the images I capture for families.  The connections, the story.  I’m happy to sell my digital files.  But only because I accept that my clients want them.  Not because I believe that a file buried on a hard drive somewhere can EVER compete with these beautiful images that tell the story of my life.   Bernard agrees with me.

the importance of the photo album

Posted on 04, 05, 14

Looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift idea?  Look no further than a custom portrait experience, for that gift that Mum can treasure forever.  Book one for yourself and your family, or one for mum, to capture that beautiful ‘generations’ shot.  Book HERE, places limited and expire Saturday May 10th.

Mothers day photography offer

Posted on 08, 04, 14
Posted in Babies

Meet newborn Moez, the luckiest little boy in the world with THREE big sister’s to love and care for him. Moez was the most chilled little newborn to photograph, so placid and relaxed. Perhaps he’s already worked out the world is a pretty cool place to be when you have this much love around you :)
baby photography perth

baby photography perth

Posted on 21, 03, 14
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Meet three of the most adorable kids you could hope to meet.  Fun, and full of personality, these three were a joy to work with.  Baby Stevie is just so peaceful and serene!

baby photography perth

baby photography perth

baby photography perth


Posted on 04, 03, 14
Posted in Babies, Baby Ink

Be Photography are proud to be the exclusive supplier of the Baby Ink Inkless Printing Technology.  This gorgeous baby keepsake product is the first of it’s kind to produce perfect baby prints in COLOUR!  Simply choose a pink, blue or soft grey inkless footprint kit, wipe, press and the image appears in vivid colour.  No mess, no fuss.  The technology is completely inkless, non toxic and baby safe.

Your Baby Ink session is $300 and includes a mini photoshoot.  We take your baby’s footprint prints, upload them and customise them with text of your choice, and print them onto 5×7″ photographic paper.  We then conduct a ‘mini’ photo shoot of your newborn, and sit down with you to help you select the image you love the most.  This is then printed, and framed into a beautiful classic white timber frame, along with your Baby Ink print.  The $300 fee includes the photo shoot, the imprinting session, editing of your chosen photo(s) and the frame.

Contact Us today to enquire about available times.


Posted on 23, 02, 14
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This is the adorable Chloe.  I don’t know where to start with her session, it’s impossible to choose my faves!  The pearls belong to her great grandmother, and while I was nervous they were going to end up scuttling across the studio floor, Chloe loved them!  I have adorable shot after adorable shot of her to choose from.  Mum’s job is not going to be easy!

9-12 months is the most beautiful time to photograph, and probably the next real milestone after the newborn images.   Babies are able to independently sit/crawl/pull up, if not walk, and they are so social and interactive.  If you would like some top up images, consider our mini session for this age group.  They don’t have a great attention span anyway and the 30 minutes allocated to a mini session can be perfect timing for them.

baby photography perth

baby photography perth

baby photography perth