I’m very excited and happy to announce the launch of Be Photography – the new look and name for Figments Photography.  Please visit and ‘like’ our facebook page and suggest it to your friends!   Aside from the name and the web domain, nothing else has changed.  It just seemed time for a change, for many, many reasons.  And while I was pondering these reasons (some personal, some business orientated), I dreamed BE.  Fast asleep in the early hours of one morning, I clearly saw the words ‘be creative, be inspired, be yourself… photography’ as they flashed one after another across my blog header.  And BE photography was born.

This strange dream message struck a chord.  The sudden loss of my mother two years ago brought changes to my relationship with photography.   I’d always loved and valued it for it’s ability to capture a moment, to render it creatively, and to make it timeless.  Since Mum died, my commitment to it and love of it has grown tenfold.   Each time I photograph a family, I’m aware of how lucky they are to have these images, how wonderful it is that they chose to do this for themselves, and how priceless these images will become.  After a while, this recognition stopped being about the loss, and started being about the celebration – of people, families, couples…just being.   Life is short, but it is wonderful.  Nobody knew or celebrated that fact better than my mother.  And I think, ultimately, that would be her wish for me.  To just be.  Be myself, be loving and loved, be happy, be gentle, be real, be open…..the list goes on.  ‘Be’ seems to encapsulate the human experience, and it suggests to me to stop, to pause, to be happy in the moment.  And that seems a worthwhile sentiment to invest in 🙂

And just because I feel so inspired by her madcap laughter and love, some family snapshots of my mum…just ‘being’. xx

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