Father’s Day 2016 | Photography special offer

It’s almost Father’s Day again, and it’s time to capture those oh-so-reluctant dads with the kids.  Something always strikes me about shooting families.  They attend the shoot, we chat for a bit, and warm the kids up, and Dad seems a bit hesitant.  Has he been dragged there?  Would he rather be pulling teeth than having his photo taken?  We plunder on and over time, Dad warms up, begins to enjoy it, realises, it’s not about stilted fake moments, but about capturing real moments with his kids.  Making sure he’s IN the picture with his family, not taking the picture, not avoiding it.  It’s something that he can look back on and love, cherish, remember and share.

Fast forward to the ordering session in studio, and it’s the DAD we need to hold back from ordering the kitchen sink!  Suddenly, the value of it is apparent.  Playful moments with his children capture for posterity seem a lot less frightening, and well, clearly something special!  Despite their initial reluctance, they truly love and appreciate the special gift of being captured with their children in all their playfulness and loving moments.  So, we’re going to make it REALLY easy for them, with a Father’s Day photography special offer they can’t refuse.  This year, we’re offering a full portrait session, and an 8×10″ print, for the irresistible price of just $45.   This is a total value of $350.  You can choose whether you want to offer it to Dad as gift voucher for Father’s Day, or simply book a session sometime within the next 3 months using this voucher.

The offer is valid from now until Father’s Day, September 4th.

father's day special offer


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