This is Loki, who’s name originates from mythology and refers to the ‘God of Mischief and Chaos’. Oh my goodness, asking for it much? Lol, and to start of his reign of chaos, this gorgeous little guy decided to arrive unexpectedly at just 25 weeks gestation. All jokes aside, I was so moved by his mother’s story, and can only begin to imagine the terrifying journey they’ve taken together, and how completely overjoyed she must be to look at him today, a healthy 4kgs and totally adorable.

Loki had only just come home from hospital when we held his baby portraits in our fremantle studio last week, just one week after his due date, and yet already 15 weeks old! It boggles my mind, the things that medicine can accomplish.
Enjoy your sneak peek Y and P, you’ve certainly earned every little drop of love this little man is about to shower on you in the coming years. xxx

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