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These last few days I’ve been feeling a slight sense of sadness, of loss…of something coming to an end. It’s an intangible feeling really, and one I struggled to express to a bemused friend online recently (yes, sadly, very few take this seriously). To my enormous surprise, she linked me to a google search, as she commented ‘well, you are not alone there’. And there it was, page after page of google results showing a world of people who share my condition, commonly known as PPD, or, Post Potter Depression!

Yes, ok, I hear you scoff. I’m a grown woman, I don’t even have the excuse of having grown up with Harry, since I was fully grown when he came into existence.  But, that doesn’t change the fact that my feelings are real, dammit, and deserve recognition.

I first encountered Harry Potter while teaching English literature. The students were captivated by this unlikely hero, and I grabbed a book to see what all the fuss was about. Seriously, what is NOT to like? I found myself fighting students in the library as I pulled privilege to get the next installment reserved, and when I had finished them all, I waited along with the students, for the next book to come out.

When I was employed by a local school to work with disadvantaged children who struggled to read a comic let alone a novel, I put Harry in front of them, and one by one they became absorbed in the stories, astounding their parents and other teachers. When my stepfather complained that reading was boring, I offered him ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ and so began his Potter journey.

While pregnant I purchased all of the novels in hardcover, to read to my son, and with the release of the last movie and the repeats being shown on TV, Eli has begged to watch them, so we have gone back to the beginning and spent the past fortnight watching the DVD’s  from start to finish.

I may not have grown up with Harry, but I have had some wonderful experiences, and shared these with some wonderful people.  I miss him already.   For now, I console myself watching pathetic Danielle Radcliffe interviews and wondering if I would be so desperate as to venture to Pottermore. I think not, lol. But I might just pick up the Philosopher’s stone and start reading it aloud to Eli…for the PPD, you know, to help (in the words of Daniel Radcliffe) “make the transition to a world without Potter” 🙁


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