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I love this storyboard from a recent child and family shoot in a local park. Some images really need to be stand alone.  They just don’t work with other images detracting from them. But in many cases, combining them tells a lovely story, is economical on wall space, and the images work together to enhance each other. That was the case with this piece, where the client loved the images, but needed to keep the framed item to one large print in order to fit her wall space. Our in home consultation service is designed specifically to help you make these sorts of decisions.  We take into account your decor, your tastes and your budget, and work with you to arrive at the best presentation options. Our software allows us to mix and match images on the day, and show you exactly what the finished product will look like. Because we’ve seen your home and your decor, we can really tailor the final piece to your specific requirements.  There’s nothing cookie cutter about the end result.  A custom designed piece is created just for you.

Storyboard of child photography perth

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