unplugged…unexpected bliss

Today I was unplugged.  Not because I have the self control necessary to leave my business alone for a day, but because Synergy were doing maintenance work, and subsequently shut down power in my area from 8am until 4pm.

I had prior warning of this, and even had a ‘tips for a power outtage’ guide to follow which reminded me to park my car outside, or be sure my garage had a manual override for the automatic door.  No problem for me, with an automatic override that ALWAYS works.  Until today, when I needed to get my son to a birthday party and couldn’t get the car out of the garage.  Consequently, another mum took him, and I was left wandering about the house going ‘hmm…what to do?’.

So, I tidied up a bit, folded some washing, put stuff away, pulled a few weeds.  Then I lay on my bed and read my book for an hour, until I drifted off to sleep.  An afteroon nap!!!  OMG, not since I was pregnant have I indulged in such luxuries.   Then I did the weekly shopping, took the dog to the park and played Leggo with Eli.

At the end of the day I was completely relaxed, serene even.  My house feels clean, my life feels nice and my world feels in order.  It reminded me so much of the days prior to having a child and a business, before being a busy solo mum, maintaining an older style home, juggling a million things at once.   I actually had a ‘normal’ life!

What’s sad is that I will only take this break if it is enforced, never would I willingly have given up a day to get work done.  Most Sunday’s I tell myself I don’t work, but of course, I do.  I check emails from clients, deal with last minute issues, upload the weekly orders….and this can easily run into a couple of hours.

I might take an example from today, and set a ‘no computers’ rule in the house for every Sunday.  Far from feeling cut off, I’m actually feeling very connected, to the things that really matter 🙂 x


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