Session information


Our service stands apart from our competitors.  It is a truly customised, personal approach. All of our portrait photography sessions begin with a consultation, either in person or over the phone, to discuss your requirements. At this time, locations, clothing, timing and other choices relevant to your session will be discussed and an information package will be forwarded to you.  We favour a casual, warm approach, and recommend remaining flexible on the day. The unexpected can happen, and often will, and being open to these spontaneous changes can bring beautiful, natural images.

After your session, your images are carefully handcrafted, and we then return to the comfort of your home at a convenient time to go over your images, help you make selections, discuss decor and presentation choices and take your order.

Your images are printed, mounted, matted and framed if necessary.  Albums are compiled, all items are gift wrapped and then we hand deliver them to you.

Newborn Baby Photography Sessions

We visit you for your newborn shoot, ideally within the first 10 days of your little one’s life.  This means you can relax, minimise the disruption to the household, and focus on getting ready for your session.  Your baby photography session will last for around 90 minutes to 2 hours.  This allows for plenty of time to feed and change baby as needed, without the session becoming too long and tiring for bubs.  We are happy to do a combination of mum/bub, dad/bub, siblings/bub. We will work with you on the day to capture the images you request.  We don’t favour putting babies into unnatural positions or overly using props.  Current trends and fads will fade and the images won’t stand the test of time.  We want your images to be uniquely ‘yours’ not cookie cutter, and prefer to stick to simple blankets, wraps, bonnets and textured fabrics, all of which we supply.

Child Photography Sessions

Around 9-12 months is an ideal time to capture some updated images of your baby.  While outdoor sessions suit this age group, we do love to do these at home, capturing those cute chubby cheeks, curly hair, long lashes.  It’s such a cute age to photograph children, and we like to capture this last milestone indoors before they are running around and distracted by the outdoors.  This can often be a very quick 45 minute session as we don’t  have a huge window of concentration for this age group!

Family/Location Portrait Sessions

Your family portrait session will last for an hour or more.  We will take a series of images, individual portraits as well as family photographs, and are happy to accommodate extended family.  We also love to include the family pet in your photography session.   We can suggest some wonderful locations, or, you may choose your own.  But please bear in mind, we need open shade, out of the wind, and with a nice background to work with.


After the session, around 35 images are selected and handcrafted to be artistically edited and presented to you the following week in the comfort of your home.  Here we sit with you and discuss your needs, taking into account your decor, your tastes, your favourite images and of course, your budget.  This consultation is an extremely important part of our process.  While it doesn’t cost you anything it all, it is invaluable in ensuring you make the best possible choices for what you are hoping to achieve.  Your images are ordered and paid for on this day.


Once your order is placed, images are edited and any products you have ordered are prepared.  Depending on the ordered items, this can take 2-3 weeks.  We then wrap each item ready to deliver back to you.