a new pony for Eli | Pony Riders Perth

I caved. I admit it, I’m weak. But also, I’m overjoyed that my soon-to-be-six year old is still a kid enough to be begging me for one of these. Prior to this there was mention of a diving watch and Playstation, and then we attended the Market Girl Boutique Markets on Sunday. He took one look at these Ride on Ponies and fell in love! I can’t say I blame him, so did most of the kids there from what I saw. I have no idea about the mechanics of it all, but in a nutshell you ride up and down in a realistic rising trot, and the force of your body pushes the pony forward! OMG, seriously, so gorgeous. And for yet another year, my little guy gets to play with toys and love his new ‘pet’. There’s plenty of time for growing up 🙂

Check out the Pony Rider’s facebook page here.

They come in two sizes…Eli’s is the larger, for ages 5+

Pony Rider

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