I used to be a list girl.  I would grab a pen and make a list for anything I needed to sort out or remember.  The problem with lists is they lack inspiration, and once the initial context of writing it has passed, they also lack relevance.  Hence, my move towards boards.  I have beautiful boards, collections of torn out magazine pictures, images printed from the web, articles, colours, ribbons, rocks, tiles….anything that suits the general feel of my inspiration board and adds to the overall mood.

So, you can imagine my absolute delight in discovering pinterest!  Instead of loose folders and clippings, you can ‘pin’ images collected from all over the web to your personal boards, to refer back to for inspiration and ideas.  I’m slowly building my collection of boards ranging from topics like ‘bathroom ideas’ to ‘my wish list’.

On  the Be Photography Pinterest page I’m gathering some ideas for framing, displaying your images, illustrations of crop ratios and suggestions of fun things to bring/wear to your session.  I’ll also be adding samples of our products for your easy reference.  The boards will grow quickly so bookmark the page.  And get pinning!

Once you have an account set up you can follow our page to receive updates as they happen.  Then it’s a simple matter of clicking the ‘pin it’ icon from your toolbar as you are browsing the web and pinning images to your boards, including your sneak previews from us.  You can even pin the blog posts we write about your session by opening it in your browser and clicking the pinterest icon beneath the post 🙂

If you haven’t already, go check out pinterest and follow our boards for updates.

be photography pinterest page

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