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Are you just breaking into the world of digital photography and bamboozled by the camera functions?  Are you a novice who wants to take your skills to the next level, perhaps adding photoshop expertise?  Are you ready to embark on the first steps into your photography business, but are not sure where to start and anxious about the mistakes you might make along the way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Be Mentored sessions are for you!   With over 20 years experience in not only photography, but photography education, we have devised a comprehensive program that takes you from the tiny baby steps of knowing your camera, right through the technical mindfield of camera functions, to creative composition, sorting and storing your image, editing and post production, printing and presentation, and  delves into the business of photography.  No matter where you sit along this scale, you can drop into a program devised around your individual needs.  Take as little or as much as you need.   With tailored, one-on-one attention, your learning is fast-tracked and your results will astound you.   Email backup and image critique forms part of your mentoring package, even if you only book for one hour!

Sessions start at $100 per hour for individual tuition.  We will consider small group sessions of no more than 4, however each participant must be at the same level of knowledge.  Please consider carefully before getting a group together, one on one tuition has a proven track record in getting results faster for you.

Mentoring session numbers will be limited each week, so please book early to secure your dates on 9336 5552.



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