Topsy Turvy

This poor blog has been so neglected this past couple of weeks!  There’s just been so much going on…most of it very exciting.  The new studio space is all but done, with just some exterior paintwork to do, along with signage, and the hanging of displays inside.  It’s kept me busy, that’s for sure, particularly since right in the middle of it all, I broke my toe!  OUCH….it is so painful.  And of course, rest is out of the question with the countdown on to get the studio organised.

In sadder news, we scattered my mother and grandmother’s ashes together last weekend.  It was a week of very mixed emotions.  I guess it feels good to have done it, and to know that we have sent them off together, but it’s still so final.  It would have been mum’s 62nd birthday in two days, and the day after will be the anniversary of the day she died.  I guess the two are always going to be intertwined, making for one fairly emotional roller coaster at this time of year!  Time will numb it I’m sure.

I am proud to say that this week I became a member of Heartfelt, an organisation dedicated to providing the gift of photographic memories to families in need.  I would like to think my services will never be required, but sadly, I know that not to be the case. I’m so glad to be able to offer something back to this wonderful community that I belong to.  This week, for the first time, I had my first ever negative client experience, and have been flabbergasted at the ridiculous and outrageous demands that have been placed upon me.  It was very timely that the Heartfelt membership came right when I was wondering how it was that people lives became so caught up in irrational minor details.  Perspective is a wonderful thing, I’d like to be able to sprinkle some of that around that’s for sure.

A mixed bag from me this week, lol.  And that’s what makes life so interesting, the good with the bad I guess 🙂

Here’s from a recent session, since I’m feeling a little nostalgic this week.  These two gorgeous sister’s purchased a gift voucher for their mum, and had a session with her.  Ooooh….why oh why didn’t we do that when we had time?  I’m like that chef that never cooks at home…the mechanic who’s car is never working.  I MUST PHOTOGRAPH MY FAMILY MORE!   Stay tuned for our Mother’s Day promotion to be announced soon.  It’s a fabulous opportunity to get some beautiful portraits.

family photography (1)

family photography (2)

family photography (3)

family photography (4)


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