Walk a mile in their shoes

Today, on my social media stream, a friend commented that she’d seen a young mother pushing a pram on the way to work today.  Thinking what a lovely way that was to start the day, she smiled as she drove by them, only to discover the child was holding an ipad.  Said friend was a little saddened by this, seeing it as a sign that we have lost touch with the important things in the world; spending a moment with our kids, encouraging them to take joy in the simple things, the world around them.  And she was vocal about this on her Facebook page.

Who can argue with that?  I’m sure we’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to forcibly remove an ipad from a reluctant toddlers grip.

But it also made me realise how quick we are to judge.  How are we to know that mother had not been up all night with her toddler, had been at her wits end, and knew that fresh air, a moment of solitude, some exercise, would refresh her to face the new day?  What if she was a sole parent, who spent every waking minute giving to her child, missing out on exercise and the things that rejuvenate her to keep all the balls in the air.

We are all different, and we simply do not know what goes on in another person’s world.  It’s a difficult task at the best of times, this parenting job.  We need to remind ourselves to be accepting of those who do it a little differently.   Happy Mum = Happy Baby after all.

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