What is the best age to photograph my baby?

perth-newborn-baby-photography024Babies are adorable at so many different milestones, so it really comes down to what you want from your session.  If you are after those sleepy, curled up newborn baby photography shots, then definitely aim for 7-10 days old.  By 6 weeks, we can capture smiles and engaging expressions, at 6 months they are sitting unaided and very animated, at 9 months crawling, and at 12 months walking.  Any one of these milestones can bring gorgeous results.  Call us to discuss the best time for your session on 1300 551 228.


Where are the sessions held?

perth newborn baby photography011This is such a personal choice, and is crucial to the success of your session.  During your presession consult we discuss with you the types of images you want, and what you are hoping to do with them.  Ideally, we like to find locations that are meaningful to your family and resonate with your story.  We tend to conduct newborn baby photography sessions in studio so we can make the most of the lovely north facing light that swarms into the studio, as well as control temperature.  For older children and family photography sessions we travel to wherever you like, and also have a bank of beautiful location ideas around Perth and Fremantle that we can suggest to you.


What do I need to bring to make my session a success?

child photography perth004This will be discussed with you prior to your session, and largely depends on the type of session you require.  We like to keep things very simple and classic, minimising distractions so we can focus on your newborn baby or children.  You might like to consider some simple props like bubbles, helium balloons, books, favourite toys and dressup costumes.  Newborn baby photography sessions  require very little other than a good food supply…all blankets and props are provided by us.  Maternity photography session clothing will be discussed with you at length during the booking process.


How long does the session go for?

child photography perth014We don’t place a time frame on our standard sessions, but experience has shown us that different aged children have different staying power.  A newborn baby photography session can last around 2 hours.  By this time, the baby has been handed around a fair amount, and has had their routine disrupted.  Dragging a session out for any longer can start to become distressing and this is not something we like to do.  A great deal of the time is spent feeding and settling, and we generally find that 90 minutes to 2 hours is a perfect time frame to capture the images we need.   Babies and toddlers between 9 and 18 months of age generally have a very short attention span and we can get some lovely playful images in around 45 -60 minutes.

What should we wear?

Perth-family-portrait-photography014Again, this one is dealt with in great detail prior to your session.  Every client is forwarded a copy of our information brochure that has details specific to their session.  Your choice of clothing is largely dependent on your personality and the images  you hope to achieve.  In general, we favour a relaxed, classic style and avoid fussy patterns and clashing colours.  Having said that, the odd splash of colour can really make the outfits pop, so it’s a matter of careful planning.   We’re here to help.


Can we include our pets?

child-photography-perth015Of course!  Our fur babies are as much a part of the family as anyone, and if you are like us, no family portrait would be complete without them.  Bring them along. We have a number of pet friendly locations we can suggest.




Can you hang my baby from a tree branch, and more….

perth newborn baby photography018Many of the images that you see on the internet are composite shots, meaning that two images are taken and put together in post production to create the illusion of one image.  This, we are happy to discuss with you and will accommodate where possible.  Literally folding babies in half, propping their heavy heads into tiny hands, suspending them in fabric from tree branches and the like are extremely unsafe practices. Images like the one here are taken with the baby lying on a dark background, not suspended in the air. It is our belief that no shot is worth putting a child at risk and it’s best that prospective clients know from the outset that we don’t favour these techniques. Many of these ‘trendy’ shots are cliched and will date.  Timeless simplicity is our goal.